Since 1984, the Scholarship Fund has contributed over $350,000 in college scholarships to over 300 deserving high school seniors in Horry County. Each year one student from each high school in Horry County will be awarded the annual scholarship. This scholarship would not be possible without the generous support from DDC Engineers and the annual scholarship raffle held during the Beach Ball Classic.

The Scholarship Program of the Beach Ball Classic will award for the 2018 – 2019 school year a minimum of (9) $1,000.00 college scholarships to outstanding high school athletes as designated below.

To apply, you must use your HCS Gmail account or another Gmail account.

BBC Scholarship Guidelines:

1. Each scholarship recipient must be an outstanding student athlete in one sport or more. Further, the scholarship awards will be based upon financial need, scholastic achievement, intellectual ability, and participation in co-curricular school activities in addition to athletics, and recommendation of a school staff member.

2. Selection of recipients is to be made without discrimination as to race, sex, creed, or country of origin.

3. Recipients shall be selected by a district-appointed committee under procedures established by them from the students in the current senior class whether they be end-of-the-year or summer graduates.

4. Scholarship applicants may be interviewed by the committee if the committee deems an interview helpful in the selection process.

5. Recipients may attend a college of their choice.

6. The full scholarship money of $1,000 will be paid at the beginning of the academic year to the college or university and disbursed to and for the account of the recipient.

7. All completed applications are to be submitted online by February 28, 2019.

8. Awards will be announced within a month of the deadline for submitting applications.

9. Incomplete applications will not be scored.

10. Scholarship recipient must attend college in the Fall after high school graduation or the award may
be forfeited.

Letter of recommendation and transcript must be available for submittal at time of applying