Bishop O'Connell Crowned 2023 Traditional Division Champs

Bishop O'Connell Crowned 2023 Traditional Division Champs

In a dazzling display of high school basketball, Great Crossing (KY) faced off against Bishop O’Connell (VA) in the championship game of the 2023 Beach Ball Classic. It was a contest not just of skill but of sheer will, as both teams fought tooth and nail, extending the game to an electrifying double overtime. In the end, it was Bishop O’Connell who edged out a victory with a narrow final score of 77-74 in double overtime.

Winston-Salem Christian 2023 Prep Champs

Defeats 1 of 1 Prep Academy (NC) with a final score of 58-53

Eternity Eguagie contributed a game high 26 points in J. Addison Prep's 3rd Place Finish at the 2023 Beach ball Classic
J. Addison Finishes 3rd in Prep Tournament

Thrilling Victory Over Blue Ridge Academy, Eguagie led the scoring with 26 points.

Bishop O'Connell Crowned 2023 Traditional Division Champs

The Battle at Myrtle Beach: A Clash of Titans in High School Basketball

December 30, 2023, Myrtle Beach (SC) Convention Center – In a dazzling display of high school basketball, Great Crossing (KY) faced off against Bishop O’Connell (VA) in the championship game of the 2023 Beach Ball Classic. It was a contest not just of skill but of sheer will, as both teams fought tooth and nail, extending the game to an electrifying double overtime. Great Crossing, with an unblemished record of 12-0 on the line, brought their A-game with Malachi Moreno leading the charge. Moreno’s staggering 24 points and an impressive 25 rebounds were a testament to his prowess on the court. Yet, in basketball, it’s a team game, and his teammates, notably Jeremiah Godfrey and Vince Dawson III, contributed significantly, scoring 19 and 17 points, respectively. Bishop O’Connell, holding a strong 10-2 record, responded in kind. Bryson Tucker, with his sharpshooting skills, racked up 27 points, becoming a crucial playmaker for his team. Wyatt Norton’s 21 points and AJ Swinton’s decisive plays in the clutch moments kept the game on a razor’s edge. As the game unfolded, the lead seesawed between the teams, with Bishop O’Connell initially dominating but Great Crossing clawing back fiercely. The score tied multiple times, and the lead changed hands more often than the waves hit the sands of the Myrtle Beach shoreline. It was a battle of strategies, a test of endurance, and above all, a showcase of young talent at its finest. In the end, it was Bishop O’Connell who edged out a victory with a narrow final score of 77-74 in double overtime. The final moments of the second overtime were a blend of tactical plays, nerve-wracking shots, and heart-stopping misses. But when the final buzzer sounded, it was Bishop O’Connell’s day to celebrate. This game was more than just a win or loss; it was a celebration of high school basketball at its finest. Players from both teams showed potential that goes beyond the high school courts, hinting at bright futures in colege and beyond. As the crowd dispersed, they knew they had witnessed a game that would be talked about for years to come. In the heart of Myrtle Beach, two teams gave it their all, and in the end, basketball was the true winner.

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Winston Salem Christian Triumphs in Beach Ball Classic Prep Division Championship

MYRTLE BEACH, SC – In an exhilarating final of the Beach Ball Classic Prep Division, Winston Salem Christian (NC) emerged victorious over 1 of 1 Prep Academy (NC) with a final score of 58-53. The game, held at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, was a showcase of intense basketball talent that has become synonymous with the Beach Ball Classic Holiday Basketball Tournament, with with both teams displaying exceptional skills. Game Overview Winston Salem Christian, now with a record of 16-4, showcased a balanced team performance. Key player Isaiah Washington led the scoring with 14 points, closely followed by Lewis Walker with 13 points. Jordan Lowery’s crucial 11 points included some vital three-pointers that kept the team in a strong position. 1 of 1 Prep Academy, falling to a record of 11-4, saw Jeremiah Jackson top-scoring with 13 points. The team struggled with their three-pointers, shooting only 28.6% from beyond the arc, which proved costly in this tight encounter. Game Highlights The game was a tale of two halves. The first half ended with 1 of 1 Prep Academy leading 32-28, thanks to some sharp shooting from Jackson and Sebastian Akins. However, Winston Salem Christian came back strongly in the second half, outscoring their opponents 30-21. A critical moment came in the fourth quarter when Winston Salem Christian managed to turn a deficit into a lead, thanks to key baskets from Walker and Washington. The game remained on a knifes-edge until the final minutes, with 1 of 1 Prep Academy failing to capitalize on some late opportunities. Statistical Breakdown Looking Ahead Winston Salem Christian’s victory adds the prestigious Beach Ball Classic title to their growing list of accolades, while 1 of 1 Prep Academy will look to bounce back in their upcoming games. Officials: Jared Torrence, Brock Needins, Chris Martin Start Time: 5:15 p.m. Neutral Court 2023 BEACH BALL CLASSIC – PREP BRACKET – GAME #23 – CHAMPIONSHIP GAME

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2023 Traditional Tournament 3rd Place Lexington SC

Lexington Seals Victory in Tense Game Against North Crowley

Myrtle Beach, SC – December 30, 2023: The Lexington Tigers emerged victorious against the North Crowley Panthers in a closely contested basketball game to determine 3rd place in the Traditional Tournament bracket of the Beach Ball Classic at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center. The final score stood at 74-69, marking a significant win for Lexington. The game gave the crowd fluctuating leads and intense competition, with both teams showcasing their prowess. Lexington, with a record of 11-2, faced North Crowley, boasting an impressive 17-2 record. The game was a showdown between two of the nation’s top high school teams. Kaleb Evans of Lexington was the standout player, scoring 23 points, including crucial baskets in the final quarter. His performance was pivotal in Lexington’s victory, as he demonstrated excellent shooting efficiency and defensive prowess. North Crowley’s Isaak Hayes countered with an impressive 20 points, but it wasn’t enough to secure a win for his team. Justin McCray also made a notable contribution for North Crowley, grabbing 16 rebounds and scoring 7 points. The game was a rollercoaster of emotions, with lead changes and ties keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. Lexington led for 5:10, while North Crowley held the lead for 24:55. The game was tied for 1:55, further emphasizing the evenly matched nature of the contest. Lexington excelled in the paint, scoring 36 points compared to North Crowley’s 38. Both teams were aggressive off turnovers, with Lexington scoring 16 points off turnovers and North Crowley 18. The match was not only a test of skill but also of endurance, with both teams fighting fiercely until the final buzzer. Lexington’s bench contributed significantly, adding 20 points to the team’s total. The game was well-officiated by Chris Martin, Josh Washington, and Dan Paugh, ensuring a fair and competitive environment for both teams. In conclusion, Lexington’s win against North Crowley was a testament to their determination and skill. It was a game that will be remembered for its high level of competition and sportsmanship.

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Eternity Eguagie contributed a game high 26 points in J. Addison Prep's 3rd Place Finish at the 2023 Beach ball Classic

J. Addison Secures Thrilling Victory Over Blue Ridge Academy in Beach Ball Classic Showdown

Myrtle Beach, SC, December 30, 2023 – In an electrifying third-place game at the 2023 Beach Ball Classic, J. Addison from Canada clinched a narrow victory over Blue Ridge Academy (Virginia) with a final score of 66-63. The high-octane match, played at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, kept the audience on the edge of their seats until the final buzzer. J. Addison, with a record of 18-6, exhibited a remarkable team effort. Eternity Eguagie led the scoring with 26 points, demonstrating exceptional skill beyond the arc and in field goals. Abraham Osman followed with a stellar performance, adding 19 points to the team’s tally. The team showed consistency, shooting 46.9% from the field and 45.5% in three-pointers. Blue Ridge Academy, standing at 8-3, displayed resilience despite the loss. Shanon Simango stood out with 18 points, dominating in free throws. Colby White contributed significantly, scoring 10 points, while Kamren Martin added seven crucial points in the final quarter, almost turning the game around for Blue Ridge Academy. The game was a rollercoaster of emotions, with J. Addison leading for a significant 31:04 minutes. Blue Ridge Academy fought back valiantly in the fourth quarter, reducing a 15-point lead to just three points, creating a nail-biting finish. However, clutch free throws from Zion Messam in the final seconds secured the win for J. Addison. J. Addison’s defense was commendable, with Tony Ezeonu grabbing nine rebounds and blocking one shot. The team also capitalized on turnovers, scoring 24 points off them. On the other hand, Blue Ridge Academy’s bench played a crucial role, contributing 24 points. The game was a testament to the spirit of high school basketball, with both teams showcasing talent, teamwork, and determination. Officials T. Merck, Joey Manigault, and Mike Bell praised the sportsmanship and skill level displayed. J. Addison’s win adds another accolade to their impressive season, while Blue Ridge Academy, despite the loss, showed they are a force to be reckoned with. The Beach Ball Classic once again proved to be a platform for young athletes to shine and for basketball fans to witness the stars of tomorrow in action.

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St Peter's (NY) Wins 5th Place in the BBC Traditional Bracket over Norcross (GA) 2023

Norcross High Falls Short in Tightly Contested Battle Against St. Peter’s

MYRTLE BEACH, SC, December 30, 2023 – The highly anticipated match-up between Norcross High School from Georgia and St. Peter’s from New York concluded with a riveting game at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center. St. Peter’s edged out a victory with a final score of 58-52, in what was the 20th game of the 2023 Beach Ball Classic Traditional Bracket, vying for the 5th place in the Traditional Bracket. Norcross, holding a 7-8 record before the game, fought valiantly but couldn’t overcome the offensive prowess of St. Peter’s, who improved their record to 9-3. The game, starting at noon, was a display of basketball at its finest, with both teams showcasing their skills and determination. For Norcross, Toby Ojukwu led the scoring with 20 points, while Casey Williams followed closely with 13 points and a commanding presence in rebounds. Alex Pace contributed significantly with 12 points. However, their efforts were countered by St. Peter’s, with Qadir Martin scoring an impressive 23 points, and Jalen Munson adding 14 points to their tally. The game was a rollercoaster of emotions, with Norcross initially leading the way. They showcased their strength in the paint and off turnovers, scoring 28 and 21 points, respectively, in these categories. However, St. Peter’s resilience and strategic plays, particularly in the second half, turned the tide in their favor. The largest lead of the game was by St. Peter’s, who were ahead by 10 points at one stage in the third quarter. Norcross led for a total of 8:10 minutes, while St. Peter’s held the lead for 22:36 minutes, demonstrating their control for the majority of the game. Norcross struggled with their shooting, with an overall field goal percentage of 32.1%, including 11.8% from the three-point line. St. Peter’s, on the other hand, had a slightly better shooting performance, with a 38.3% field goal percentage and 22.2% from beyond the arc. The game was a testament to the high school basketball talent on display year in and year out at the annual Beach Ball Classic Tournament, with both teams leaving it all on the court. St. Peter’s victory in this closely contested battle adds another feather to their cap, while Norcross can take pride in their gritty performance against a formidable opponent.

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Khalil Green emerged as a key player for Huntington Prep, leading his team with 16 points.

Huntington Prep Secures Convincing Victory Over The Wilson Academy in 5th Place Prep Bracket Game

Myrtle Beach, SC – December 30, 2023 – Huntington Prep (WV) showcased their basketball prowess by securing a commanding 62-46 win over The Wilson Academy (GA) in the 2023 Beach Ball Classic at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center. This victory improved Huntington’s record to 8-5, while The Wilson Academy fell to 11-5. Khalil Green emerged as a key player for Huntington Prep, leading his team with 16 points. His dynamic performance on the court was complemented by Braydon Hawthorne’s double-double, consisting of 12 points and 10 rebounds. Micah Tucker also contributed significantly with 11 points, adding to Huntington’s solid offense. The Wilson Academy struggled to find a consistent offensive rhythm against Huntington’s robust defense. Terryon Stebbins, with 14 points, was the top scorer for The Wilson Academy. However, the team’s overall shooting at 36.7% from the field and 35% from the three-point line was not enough to challenge Huntington’s defense. Huntington Prep’s offensive strategy was evident from the beginning, with a strong first-quarter performance leading to a 16-10 advantage. They maintained their lead throughout the game, with a notable 25-point surge in the fourth quarter sealing their victory. The game was marked by Huntington’s effectiveness in the paint, where they outscored The Wilson Academy 34-18. Huntington also capitalized on second-chance points and fast breaks, underscoring their dominance in both offensive and defensive rebounds. The Wilson Academy’s efforts to bridge the gap were hindered by their turnovers, which Huntington converted into crucial points. Huntington Prep led for a significant 29:18 minutes, demonstrating their control over the game. Officials Jared Torrence, Mike Hirschman, and Joe Razzano officiated the game, which began at 10:15 a.m. The match was a part of the 2023 Beach Ball Classic Prep Bracket and was a decisive game for the 5th place in the tournament. Huntington Prep’s victory marks a significant moment in their season, highlighting their team’s potential and tactical prowess. On the other hand, The Wilson Academy will look to bounce back and address their shortcomings in upcoming games. [Source: Official Box Score, The Wilson Academy (GA) vs Huntington Prep (WV)]

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City of Myrtle Beach Parks and Recreation Teams Play During Half Time of each Game
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Dec 20 9:30 AM High Point Christian, NC 52West Springfield HS, VA 25 Dec 20 9:30 AM Lemon Bay, FL 30N. Myrtle Beach, SC 61 Dec 20 9:30 AM South Florence, SC 48Socastee, SC 22 Dec 20 11:15 AM Bishop O’Connell (VA) 58Summerville, SC 50 Dec 20 11:15 AM Northwest Guilford, NC 36Dorman, SC 53 Dec 20 11:15 AM Trinity Collegiate, SC 53Loris, SC 27 Dec 20 1:00 PM University, WV 65Heathwood Hall, SC 75 Dec 20 1:00 PM Kings Fork, VA 58Myrtle Beach, SC 14 Dec 20 1:00 PM Greenville, SC 36Orangeburg-Wilkinson, SC 42 Dec 20 1:30 PM Winter Haven, FL 66Socastee, SC 12 Dec 20 2:45 PM Catholic, VA 77Andrew Jackson, SC 54 Dec 20 2:45 PM Westview, TN 56Keenan, SC 42 Dec 20 2:45 PM Wilson, SC 62Waccamaw, SC 25 Dec 20 3:15 PM Sparkman, AL 43Paul VI, VA 49 Dec 20 5:00 PM Thomas Dale, VA 69Miami Sr, FL 43 Dec 20 6:45 PM Norcross, GA 42Camden, SC 45 Dec 21 9:30 AM Myrtle Beach, SC 34Keenan, SC 61 Dec 21 9:30 AM Greenville, SC 52Waccamaw, SC 21 Dec 21 10:00 AM Heathwood Hall, SC 51Catholic, VA 60 Dec 21 10:00 AM University, WV 61Andrew Jackson, SC 72 Dec 21 11:15 AM Lemon Bay, FL 37Northwest Guilford, NC 60 Dec 21 11:15 AM Atlantic Collegiate(SC) 28Loris, SC 35 Dec 21 11:45 AM Miami Sr, FL 27Norcross, GA 51 Dec 21 11:45 AM West Springfield HS, VA 57Summerville, SC 66 Dec 21 1:00 PM N. Myrtle Beach, SC 44Dorman, SC 48 Dec 21 1:00 PM Socastee, SC 21Trinity Collegiate, SC 59 Dec 21 1:30 PM High Point Christian, NC 45Bishop O’Connell (VA) 60 Dec 21 2:45 PM Kings Fork, VA 46Westview, TN 58 Dec 21 2:45 PM Orangeburg-Wilkinson, SC 36Wilson, SC 53 Dec 21 3:15 PM Greenville, SC 42Sparkman, AL 77 Dec 21 5:00 PM Winter Haven, FL 53Paul VI, VA 49 Dec 21 6:45 PM Thomas Dale, VA 61Camden, SC 46 Dec 22 9:00 AM Norcross, GA 50Sparkman, AL 43 Dec 22 9:00 AM University, WV 66West Springfield HS, VA 37 Dec 22 9:00 AM Myrtle Beach, SC 36Lemon Bay, FL 41 Dec 22 10:45 AM Greenville, SC 35Loris, SC 34 Dec 22 10:45 AM Miami Sr, FL 61Atlantic Collegiate (SC) 16 Dec 22 10:45 AM Keenan, SC 49Northwest Guilford, NC 57 Dec 22 10:45 AM Catholic, VA 50Bishop O’Connell (VA) 35 Dec 22 12:30 PM Paul VI, VA 30Camden, SC 61 Dec 22 12:30 PM Socastee, SC 42Orangeburg-Wilkinson, SC 40 Dec 22 12:30 PM Andrew Jackson, SC 64Summerville, SC 61 Dec 22 12:30 PM N. Myrtle Beach, SC 35Kings Fork, VA 49 Dec 22 2:15 PM Winter Haven, FL 43Thomas Dale, VA 74 Dec 22 2:15 PM Trinity Collegiate, SC 55Wilson, SC 41 Dec 22 2:15 PM Heathwood Hall, SC 61High Point Christian, NC 62 Dec 22 2:15 PM Dorman, SC 44Westview, TN 52 Dec 27 3:30 PM 2023 Blue Ridge (VA) 65Uchenna Academy (ON) 48 Dec 27 5:15 PM 2023 Winston-Salem (NC) 79The Wilson Academy (GA) 64 Dec 27 7:00 PM 2023 Great Crossing (KY) 71Socastee (SC) 33 Dec 27 8:45 PM 2023 Norcross (GA) 59Lexington (SC) 71 Dec 28 12:00 PM 2023 Uchenna Academy (ON) 55The Wilson Academy (GA) 37 Dec 28 1:45 PM 2023 Socastee (SC) 42Norcross (GA) 71 Dec 28 3:30 PM 2023 Canyon International (AZ) 621 of 1 Academy (NC) 68 Dec 28 5:15 PM 2023 North Crowley (TX) 68St. Peter’s (NY) 58 Dec 28 7:00 PM 2023 Huntington Prep (WV) 48J Addison (ON) 59 Dec 28 8:45 PM 2023 Bishop O’Connell (VA) 75Myrtle Beach (SC) 30 Dec 29 12:00 PM Canyon International (AZ) 59Huntington Prep (WV) 71 Dec 29 1:45 PM St. Peter’s (NY) 68Myrtle Beach (SC) 48 Dec 29 3:30 PM Blue Ridge (VA) 46Winston-Salem (NC) 61 Dec 29 5:15 PM Great Crossing (KY) 63Lexington (SC) 62 Dec 29 7:00 PM 1 of 1 Academy (NC) 65J. Addison (ON) 48 Dec 29 8:45 PM North Crowley (TX) 52Bishop O’Connell (VA) 58 Dec 30 8:30 AM 2023 Uchenna Academy (ON) 50Canyon International (AZ) 71 Dec 30 10:15 AM 2023 The Wilson Academy (GA) 46Huntington Prep (WV) 62 Dec 30 12:00 PM 2023 Norcross (GA) 52St. Peter’s (NY) 58 Dec 30 1:45 PM 2023 Blue Ridge (VA) 63J. Addison (ON) 66 Dec 30 3:30 PM 2023 Lexington (SC) 74North Crowley (TX) 69 Dec 30 5:15 PM 2023 Winston-Salem (NC) 581 of 1 Academy (NC) 53 Dec 30 7:15 PM 2023 Great Crossing (KY) 74Bishop O’Connell (VA) 77