Beach Ball Classic
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Beach Ball Classic

2014 Schedule

Championship Bracket ~ Consolation Bracket

Friday, December 26th

#TimeTeams PlayingScore  
1:45 pmCarvers Bay def. Myrtle Beach Christian Academy69-60Box Score
1 3:30 pmHough (NC) def. Northland (OH)54-52Box ScoreLive Webcast
2 5:15 pmSpring Valley (SC) def. East Carteret (NC)65-62Box ScoreLive Webcast
3 7:00 pmFranklin (OH) def. Mullins (SC)96-73Box ScoreLive Webcast
48:45 pmSt. Edward (OH) def. Myrtle Beach (SC)94-42Box ScoreLive Webcast

Saturday, December 27th

#TimeTeams PlayingScore  
5NoonNorthland (OH) def. East Carteret (NC)71-70Box Score
61:45 pmMullins (SC) vs. Myrtle Beach (SC)83-74Box Score
73:30 pmSagemont (FL) def. St. Francis (GA)72-50Box ScoreLive Webcast
85:15 pmKnott County Central (KY) def. North Little Rock (AR)70-53Box ScoreLive Webcast
97:00 pmShadow Mountain (AZ) def. Scott County (KY)67-47Box ScoreLive Webcast
108:45 pmBishop Gorman (NV) def. Socastee (SC)84-39Box ScoreLive Webcast


 TimeTeams PlayingScore   
3:00 pmGray Academy def. Laurence Manning Academy91-50Box Score
5:00 pmChristian Academy of Myrtle Beach def. Heathwood Hall (SC)52-47Box Score
7:00 pmBBC 3-point and Dunk ContestRESULTS

Monday, December 29th

#TimeTeams PlayingScore  
11NoonSt. Francis (GA) def. North Little Rock (AR)80-54Box Score
121:45 pmScott County (KY) vs. Socastee (SC)71-33Box Score
133:30 pmHough (NC) def. Spring Valley (SC)71-58Box ScoreLive Webcast
145:15 pmFranklin (OH) def. St. Edward (OH)76-73Box ScoreLive Webcast
157:00 pmSagemont (FL) def. Knott County Central (KY)50-49Box ScoreLive Webcast
168:45 pmBishop Gorman (NV) def. Shadow Mountain (AZ)78-60Box ScoreLive Webcast

Tuesday, December 30th

#TimeTeams PlayingScore  
1710:15 amEast Carteret (NC) def. Myrtle Beach (SC)84-72Box Score
18NoonSpring Valley (SC) def. St. Edward (OH)75-70Box Score
191:45 pmKnott County Central (KY) def. Shadow Mountain (AZ)69-56Box Score
203:30 pmNorthland (OH) def. Mullins (SC)79-63Box ScoreLive Webcast
215:15 pmSt. Francis (GA) def. Scott County (KY)79-51Box ScoreLive Webcast
227:00 pmFranklin (OH) def. Hough (NC)77-53Box ScoreLive Webcast
238:45 pmBishop Gorman (NV) def. Sagemont (FL)64-49Box ScoreLive Webcast

Wednesday, December 31st

#TimeTeams PlayingScore  
24NoonNorth Little Rock (AR) def. Socastee (SC)89-50Box Score
St. Francis (GA) def. Northland (OH)
73-53Box ScoreLive Webcast
263:30 pm5th PLACE
Knott County Central (KY) def. Spring Valley (SC)
78-46Box ScoreLive Webcast
275:30 pm3rd PLACE
Sagemont (FL)Hough (NC)
55-51Box ScoreLive Webcast
Bishop Gorman (NV) def. Franklin (OH)
71-39Box ScoreLive Webcast